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Name: Callisto class
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operators: Starfleet
Type: Corvette
Active: 2427
Dimensions: 135 x 86 x 21 meters
Mass: 155,000 metric tons
Decks: 3
Crew: 1-12
Cruise Warp: 9.99
Max Warp: 9.9975
Armament: 4 x Phaser Cannons, 4 x Phaser Banks, 2 fore torpedo launchers, 2 aft torpedo launcher (Type I Micro Quantum)
Defenses: Deflector shields

The Callisto-class is a small escort corvette specifically designed as an auxiliary class for larger capital ships. The ship design has retractable nacelles allowing it to reduce in size and fit into a docking port on a capital ship.


Multiple ships of the class have been built over the years, however nearly every one has met an untimely end. Determined to be a weakness in the design, as it does not stand up to attack very well, and has limited armaments to defend itself, a more advanced, and battle ready variant was designed, the Ursa Major-class.

Technical Data

Ships Commissioned


Ursa Major-class