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History of USS Phoenix NX-170100 - Phase 1

105059.96 - Initial Crew Assignment and Shakedown

Over a period of a few months, the initial crew assignments for the Phoenix are taking place. Additionally, all departments are beginning their shakedown exercises to ensure the Phoenix is ready for her long trip.

105425.2 - A Bomb Explodes in Paris

During the commemoration ceremony of USS Phoenix's trip, a bomb exploded, injuring many. The bomb was of Klingon manufacture which resulted in tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

105623.5 - Diplomatic Talks with the Klingons

The Phoenix is charged with investigating the bombing, and finding who is responsible. Their mission to find the Antietam is delayed.

105763.8 - Rogue Klingons Responsible for Attacks

A group of rogue Klingons have claimed responsibility for the bombing and subsequent attacks. A civil war in the Klingon Empire begins.

105872.14 - The Klingon Chancellor Request Military Support

The Klingon Chancellor meets with the Phoenix' diplomatic envoy. Discussions therein result in the Chancellor requesting military aid from Starfleet and the Federation in ending the attempted coup by one of the Chancellor's generals.

106559.1 - End of the Klingon Conflict

While the information still remains classified, the Phoenix crew determine a displaced Changling was responsible for the attempted Coup. Due to the Phoenix's efforts the coup was thwarted, and the Changeling recovered and sent home. For assisting in ending the conflict, the Klingon Chancellor awards the Phoenix a cloaking device suitable for one of their auxiliary vessels, in the hopes it may prove useful on their mission.

The Phoenix' mission to locate the Antietam has so far been delayed 18 months.

106717.6 - Bacterial Outbreak

The Phoenix recieves a distress call from Pheben III, a farming world on the far side of Klingon Space. Many of the inhabitants on one of the communities has taken ill. The Phoenix discover the grain has been contaminated and is forced to destroy it.

106836.88 - Cross Training Generalists

Commander Yevin Sanos, Executive Officer of the Phoenix, issues the general order for all crew to expand their current knowledge. As the Phoenix travels beyond Federation space, getting replacement crew will be difficult, further the variations in the situations the ship may face may be vast. To be the most prepared for any eventuality, learn everything you can.

106839.9 - A Relic of the Past

The Phoenix discovers a crashed ship, SS Pretoria, on a moon of Tessen III. Inside that ship is a surviving human, specifically an augmented human from the late 20th century. As can be expected when dealing with Augments, things don't go smoothly. Eventually however the crew prevail.

106994.1 - Minerva

An experiment at Starbase 117, conducted by the lead scientist there, goes awry. A very special set of circumstances results in the birth of a new life form, and energy being with the potential to wreak serious havoc. With the help of the Phoenix' Chief of Science, Lieutenant Kellen Coil, this new being is believed to be tempered. Not able to control it, should they even want to, Minerva is wished safe travels.

107003.5 - USS Churchill Recovery

The auxiliary vessel of USS Antietam is recovered near the Ghorusdan system. There were several modifications made to her drive systems based on help from a species known as the Qee. Additionally the entirety of the Antietam's logs were also aboard. Unfortunately the crew of the Churchill did not survive the trip, and while only being discovered now, the Churchill was sent back years earlier. Only a few additional months of logs from when the Antietam initially went missing were added.

107146.3 - Crew Abductions - Ghorusda

A few members of the crew were beamed off the ship without their permission. A group on Ghorusda were planning to expirement on them. Through a combined effort, and the efforts of those captures, everyone was recovered.

107157.0 - Romulan Warbird Encounter

A Romulan Warbird strayed into Federation territory claiming engine trouble. The Romulan vessel was outfitted with a new engine design that had some issues. Asistance was offered and the Romulans were eventually able to crawl back to their own space.

107408.8 - Trouble at Vuskurn

Solar flares from the Vuskurn sun were causing serious issues for the inhabitant planet in that system. The Phoenix investigated and determined the Malon, from the Delta Quadrant, were using a wormhole to dump their radioactive garbage.

The Phoenix finally reaches the edge of Federation Space. Delays at many points has resulted in a full year passing to this point since the end of the Klingon conflict.

107551.8 - Starwisp

The Phoenix discover a vessel reminiscent of a Starwisp. The craft had a large sail and a small pod like fuselage. The only occupant of the fuselage was a computer system. The Phoenix soon learned the consciousness of six scientists were in the computer. This was how their planet explored. After fixing some repairs, the Starwisp was sent on its way again.

107749.2 - Antietam Sighting

The Phoenix discovers a subspace anomaly that turns out to be a window through time. Through that window they get a glimpse of the Antietam as it traversed that exact same spot in space years before.

107766.4 - Deep Space 23

The Phoenix discover an abandoned space station that was reported as being scuttled by the Starfleet crew that left it there. However, that scuttling was either not carried out or failed. A group of pirates have taken over the station and are using it as a base of operations during their pirate attacks on nearby systems. The Phoenix take over the base and arrest the pirates.

107824.8 - The Long Haul

The Phoenix decides to make up for some lost time and plots a course through a less densily populated region of space. In so doing they cover roughly 9,000 light years in only a few weeks.

107927.1 - USS Merrimac

The Phoenix crew, after direction from an alien ship they recently helped, locate USS Merrimac, a Constitution-class heavy cruise, stuck near the event horizon of a black hole. Through some daring maneuvers the Phoenix was able to save some of the Merrimac crew. Unfortunately the ship was lost to the singularity.

108161.7 - The Void

The Phoenix is sucked into a area of space devoid of any stars. It's believed to be a bubble of space separated from normal space. After negotiating with other vessels also trapped in the Void, they manage to escape. One of the ships they work with is a Qee ship. The Qee ship is also the first vessel to escape the Void, and instead of helping the others, it takes off.

108259.6 - Starfleet Academy?

The Phoenix encounter a pre-warp civilization that have employed many Starfleet like nuances. One area of the city actually looks a lot like Starfleet Academy. Its determined a Starfleet vessel crashed here and a few things survived, but mostly pictures and video. Direct contact was avoided, but a return trip may be required in a decade or two.

108425.5 - Arius Murendi Nebula

Another year has passed and the Phoenix is finally at the same nebula where the Antietam first went missing all those years ago. The Phoenix crew discover a trap laid out by the Qee at the nebula. This same trap is likely what befell USS Antietam. Destroying the trap so no other ships fall prey to it, the Phoenix then proceeds on to the last known location of USS Antietam in the B'Gel system, a planetless system at the edge of the Carina Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

108491.8 - Carina Arm

USS Phoenix arrives in the Carina Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, roughly 15,000 light years from Federation space. The road has been long, but they have finally arrived near where USS Antietam went missing. Stopping at a system nearby, the Kedrupra system, the Phoenix crew make a significant breakthrough in their search for USS Antietam; a lone USS Antietam crew member is located amongst a decimated alien civilization.

108538.2 - Encounter with the Qee

The Phoenix arrives at the last known location of USS Antietam and is immediately met by a Qee cruiser. The Qee use a jump drive technology that allows them to appear seemingly out of nowhere. The Phoenix crew is advised to leave this area of space, the message impressed upon as two additional Qee ships arrive in close proximity. After a short skirmish, to which the combined Qee ships inflict considerable damage to the Phoenix, the Phoenix withdraws.

108556.0 - Silent Recon

As the Phoenix herself waits outside of Qee sensor range, two of the auxilary craft, USS Callisto and IKS K'rel, are utilized simultaneously to scout nearby systems looking for Antietam survivors. During a recon to the B'Gel system, the Qee were observed taking the crew of a newly arrived freighter, then destroying said freighter. The Qee's primary intent appeared to be collecting the crew. Recon mission continued on for several months, several Antietam crew were located on various worlds in this region of space.

108623.4 - Decimation

Multiple planets observed in this area of space claimed by the Qee have been completely wiped of any significant resources and left for dead. One such world was so heavily mined the vary structure of the planet broke down and is now merely an asteroid field. On top of this slow reaping of a planet's resources, the Phoenix crew witnessed one world having its atmosphere burned off in a horrific attack by the Qee. A ship-based weapon utilized by the Qee decimated the world's lifeforms in a matter of minutes.

108633.8 - Mining Colonies

Several mining colonies have been discovered by the Phoenix crew. The miners are a collection of varied species, many of which the Federation has never encountered before. Some are from worlds discovered by the Phoenix to have missing citizens. The miners are forced to work under horrible conditions and must meet a certain quota of mined ore if food and water is to be supplied. Many colonies suffer numerous losses of life given the conditions.

108673.8 - The Resistance

On some of the slave colonies encountered by the Phoenix crew, they have also made brief contact with former Antietam crew members. However, these former crew have their own mission, provide aid to whoever needs it. A few months later the resistance base is located by the Qee and comes under attack. USS Phoenix swoops in and rescues the 200+ resistance members, of which only a dozen are Antietam crew. The Phoenix attempts to continue on the food and medical supply runs to some of the colonies, but it doesn't have the continued resources for the tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of colony slaves.

Throughout the recon missions, approximately one third of USS Antietam's crew has been recovered.

109097.5 - Floating Qee City

On one of the recon missions, USS Callisto discovered a settlement on a Class M world that consisted of two distinct humanoid lifeforms. The first, approximately 270 persons were later identified as the Abaward, but they were a very docile race, and at the time didn't communicate with the away team at all. This smallish group of people were preparing cooked meals that were sent up to a floating city. The occupants of that city were 1.7 million Qee. In a later encounter with the Qee inhabitants here, while they were experiencing power issues, those in charge jumped the city away from the planet to parts unknown. However, due to the power issues some parts of the city were left behind, they subsequently crashed to the planet below. The Phoenix crew were able to relocate some of the 270 Abaward.

109160.8 - Klingons

Probe data from the B'gel system revealed a Klingon Vor'cha-class vessel had been brought to that system, in what appeared to be the same fashion the Antietam was brought there years before. It was immediately set upon by Qee vessels. While the Klingons took damage, they also inflicted a great deal, but not before some of their crew had been taken. Since then the Klingons have been looking for their abducted crew amonsgt the Qee colonies much like the Phoenix is.

109280.9 - USS Antietam Chief of Operations

On one of the manufacturing colonies, the Phoenix discover the former Chief of Operations of USS Antietam. She however is dying. In her last few minutes she tells the Phoenix crew her tale of the events when USS Antietam went missing. She speaks of experiments the Qee ran on a few of the crew, including herself, the captain, and the executive officer. She also suggests that Tom Leary, the first Antietam crew member the Phoenix recovered knows the location of USS Antietam. Tom however at first can't remember.

109293.3 - Qee Experiments

The Phoenix crew discover a Qee laboratory hidden within a mountain on a frozen world. Within this complex they discover details about the experiments the Qee conducted on many species, including some of the Antietam crew and the Abaward. According to the scientist in charge, the experiments on the Abaward were the most successful. They were rendered mute, docile, and very subserviant. The Phoenix crew try to discover a way to reverse the effects of the Qee experiments, both for some of the recovered Antietam crew, but also for these few hundred Abaward that have had their existence completely altered.

109554.5 - The Search Continues

About six and a half years has passed since the Antietam went missing. Approximately 1/3 of the crew have been recovered so far, with an additional dozen that didn't survive. The search continues for the lost ship, its location narrowed down to about 200 cubic light years, however that same space is the Chiea Nebula, which makes locating it all the more difficult.

109599.6 - Qee Fleet

Captain Moqz of the Klingon Imperial warship IKS Ro'qx, informs the Phoenix crew that he plans to assault a Qee ship building facility. This isn't the first time the Ro'qx has dealt a serious blow to the Qee arsenal and won't be the last. It also makes the Phoenix look weak in the eyes of the Klingons, cowering in a nebula, doing nothing but recon. Ultimately the Callisto aids the Klingons in the assault, a great victory.

109743.26 - Antietam Recovered

After months of searching the Chiea Nebula, the USS Antietam was finally recovered. Heavily damaged, she was barely space-worthy. A trap laid by the crew nearly resulted in the destruction of the Antietam, but the quick work of the Phoenix crew halted the self-destruct.

109808.87 - Relief Efforts

Finally risking venturing out from cover, the Phoenix, with her armor engaged, exits the nebula after towing the Antietam to a nearby system to affect repairs. Several colony planets where the conditions were known to be extremely poor were visited and food and medical supplies were made available.

109830.9 - Qee Homeworld

The Qee homeworld was located. After multiple assaults by IKS Ro'qx, the Qee had pulled their forces back to that location. The Phoenix assisted the Ro'qx in disabling the Qee fleet. The Qee were given an ultimatum; free all slave colonies freely, or they would be taken by force. Having no further means to defend themselves, the Qee capitulated. Over the following weeks, the remainder of the missing Antietam crew who survived, were recovered. This ended the Qee conflict.

The Phoenix and Antietam begin the long journey home, together.

110036.22 - A New Threat

The Phoenix and Antietam have since left Qee space after helping many species contact their homeworlds for recovery. This new area of space has its own issues however; a group of raiders, the Kodan, seek out weak and unsuspecting victim to prey on. The Phoenix encounters these raiders on a few occasions, in one encounter the runabout Mamaroneck is destroyed and the away team stranded on a desert planet.

110125.31 - Pwoq Origins

A scientist from a planet named Pwoq asks the Phoenix for assistance in an archaelogical dig. The scientist seeks proof his people originated on a different planet in their solar system, but none of his own kind would assist him. On their trek the crew discover the remnants of an ancient civilization, proving the scientists theories.

110258.7 - Antietam Crew

Not all the Antietam crew were ideal Starfleet officers, part of the reason they fell prey to the Qee so easily in the first place. Some of those recovered had tried to get back into their illicit activities but were caught in the process. They however escaped in a stolen shuttle, only to be captured by the Kodan, the raiders that prey on the weak in this area of space. Eventually, one of the criminals was recovered, the other losing his life in the hands of the raiders.

110296.14 - Abandoned Starbase

The phoenix encounter an abandoned starbase in their travels. Unfortunately the inhabitants of the starbase were all deceased, the only remnants being several clutches of eggs. Another creature was also trapped on the station, and in a panic state it causes a fire. The heat however causes the eggs to hatch, to which lie the real enemy. The crew barely escape with their lives.

110497.6 - The Switch

Inexplicably, the bridge crew find they have been relocated to another vessel. After some discovery, they determine they have somehow been transposed to an alternate dimension. This switch happens a few times, with each universe posing new situations and potential threats. In one such universe, the Phoenix was destroyed and only a few of the crew survived, in another, the Antietam was never lost, and the crew of the Phoenix found themselves as the crew of the Antietam.

110605.19 - The Terrians

The crew discover a pre-industrialized civilization and spend a little time in observation and study. They discover however another alien race has been endangering the natural inhabitants of the planet by spilling radiation into the ground water through an underground mining operation. While doing their best to avoid any cultural contamination, the crew of the Phoenix stop the alien invaders and the mining operation.

111075.5 - Earth

Inexplicably once again, some of the key officers of the Phoenix find themselves transported off the ship. This time they find themselves on Earth in the year 2019. A Starfleet officer of the future hastily requests their assistance in stopping an alien force from changing Earth's history. The crew learn the hostiles are trying to sabotage the first manned SpaceX Dragon launch, which would set the space-race back decades.

111141.16 - Deep Space 9

The Starfleet officer of the future asks the Phoenix crew this time for help in stopping hostile agents of the future from stopping Bajor from joining the Federation. The crew are only partly successful however, as two significant political representatives were lost in the encounter. Bajor did however still join the Federation. The Phoenix and the Antietam however, still have a few thousand light years to go before getting back home.

111330.04 - Beta Stromgren

The Phoenix arrives in the Beta Stromgren system, the site of a supernova witnessed by NCC-1701-D in 2366. However, readings don't indicate the presence of a star at the coordinates, only a debris field. Further investigation reveals a masking effect, possibly caused by a juvenile Tin Man like being, that is feeding off the pulsar located behind the mask. Eventually this juvenile being departs in a blink of an eye.

111387.33 - The Zakdorn

Federated News Service announces that Zakdorn has seceded from the Federation, the Phoenix is ordered to investigate. The Romulan Empire have claimed Zakdorn as their own, although the Zakdorn haven't officially agreed to that. Through a series of clever manipulations by the Zakdorn, they eventually ally themselves with the Klingon Empire. Hostilities between the Romulan and Klingons ships present results in the destruction of a Romulan vessel. Rumours of war between those two powers circulate throughout the quadrant.

111406.44 - Defunct Weather Control Systems

The Phoenix arrives at the Caldos system after being hailed for help. The weather control system of this terraformed colony is malfunctioning and many villages are being ravaged by storms. Federation help has been few and far between to this distant colony, a theme for this area of space. Eventually, and barely escaping the wrath of a hurricane, the crew manage to repair the system.

111441.45 - DNA Messages

While docked at Deep Space 4, the Phoenix receives a distress call from an old run-down Danube-class runabout. A group of Federation scientists, mostly archaelogists, have sought out the Phoenix for their help, but didn't quite make it in the only ship they could get. Data the Phoenix had transmitted since returning to Federation space had trickled through to the scientists, to which was discovered a second message fragment hidden in the DNA (TNG:The Chase) of some of the samples the Phoenix recovered. Quite adamant about this discovery, the scientists plead with the Phoenix command staff, and eventually Starfleet Command to have the Phoenix sent back out to collect more samples.

111528.33 - Spacedock

After 9+ years for USS Antietam, and 6+ years for USS Phoenix, both vessels finally return to the home system to a fanfare of applause. The future of the Phoenix' mission still unsure, with the rumours of war between the Romulan and the Klingon empires, a ship of the Phoenix' calliber may be needed on the front lines. In the meantime, the crew have been temporarily stood down, pending possible reassignment, and some much needed and deserved leave.

The Phoenix embarks on a new mission to recover DNA samples to assemble this second message left by the Ancients.