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History of USS Phoenix NX-170100 - Phase 2

111636.37 - DNA Messages Redux

USS Phoenix and her crew set sail once again, this time in search of additional DNA that contains fragments of this newly discovered second message. Before they depart however the Klingon Empire has requested a contingent from that empire accompany the Phoenix crew. The Phoenix has been outfitted with a Slipstream Drive, capable of propelling the vessel at extreme speeds, far faster than any Klingon vessel can travel. The Klingon crew is invited aboard, with their Bird-of-Prey stored safely in the Main Hangar.

111746.98 - Romulan Guests

As the Phoenix is making way into deep space, a Romulan warbird attempts to keep pace. Their efforts causing their cloak to fail and their engines to overheat, nearly resulting in the destruction of their vessel. The crew of the Phoenix offers to assist and agree to take a small Romulan contingent along on their mission to find additional DNA samples. Tensions between the Romulans and the Klingons are high.

111965.98 - Nova Consortium

Following the pirates that attacked Terrian III, the Phoenix discovers a consortium of planets ruled with fear and heavy with piracy and slave trading. A surprise missile launch from one of the Nova Consortium stations, a missile which bypassed the Phoenix shields, causes the Phoenix to withdraw to a safe distance. Future missions in the area are conducted under disguise utilizing the previously captured Bird-of-Prey IKS K'rel, or a cloaked Callisto.

112226.93 - Teasien Flu

The Phoenix receives a distress call from a vessel in Nova Consortium space. After learning the distress call involved an outbreak of Teasien Flu, the Consortium wanted nothing to do with the craft warning them to stay clear or they would be destroyed. Dispatching the newly commisioned runabout USS Selkie, medical personnel from the Phoenix go to the aid of the ship in distress. The medical team discover the inhabitants of the vessel are of avian descent and are suffering from some sort of avian flu. After several months a cure is discovered and the survivors are happily on their way again.

113053.92 - MVS Malurian

The pirate vessel that attacked Terrian III is discovered at the nearby Nova Station. The crew performs a stealth mission to plant a tracking device on that vessel. When the vessel leaves port they follow it to several previously unexplored systems. Enroute they gather DNA samples from those systems, then discover on one of the planets visited a collection of artifacts from planets all through the quadrant. Each artifact having an intact DNA trace that the crew collect.

113250.06 - Romulan/Klingon Conflict

Back home in the Alpha Quadrant, a skirmish breaks out between the Romulan and Klingon Empires, ships on both sides are destroyed. The area is on the brink of war. Tensions between the visiting Romulan and Klingon factions aboard the Phoenix also rise, eventually the Klingons depart in their Bird-of-Prey, disappearing off sensors and refusing to answer hails.

113278.45 - Klingon Distress

Contact is made again with the departed Klingons, however they have found themselves in a region of space that is avoided by the Nova Consortium, an area where ships have vanished without a trace for as long as anyone can remember. The Callisto is sent off to try and help the Klingons, believing they can detect the phenomenom that may have befallen them. However, they too fall into the trap and crash on a world filled with hostile reptilian aliens who's very survival is preying on newly arrived victims.

113542.81 - Ancient City

The crashed Callisto crew discover an ancient city buried beneath the desert. Here they discover a machine that is sucking energy from this universe and transposing it to another. Using their skills and wits they manage to disable the device, freeing the planet from tens of thousands of years of its operation. The Callisto crew also manage a report with the preying races on the planet, eventually offering them a way off this desert world.

113673.68 - DNA Message - Real or Fake?

The Phoenix crew collect enough DNA to assemble at least part of the second DNA message. However, this second message is much darker than the original and tampering of the message somehow is suspected. While the crew attempts to figure out if this is truly the intended message they continue to explore new worlds in the region as well as find a home for those they rescued from the desert planet.

114004.69 - Resoodian Homeworld

The crew continue to explore the region, and discover an M-Class world with intelligent life. Further examination reveals these beings are the same species as the Resooidians they rescued from Eshana III. Those found on Eshana were taken from their homeworld decades before. It is also made clear, the Resoodians were an engineered species, with reptilian DNA.

114018.11 - Amphibian Homeworld

While searching for the Resoodian homeworld, the crew discover another engineered species, this time from amphibian DNA. This civilization was far more advanced than the Resoodians however, and living fully underwater, making observation difficult.

114478.06 - Insectoid Homeworld

A third planet was discovered not far from the first two, also with an engineered species. This time with insect DNA. The civilization numbered in the billions, but show only limited technological advancements, but with clear language and cultural development. In that same system, the crew discover a crashed NX-class starship, Antares NX-07. A significant mystery, given Starfleet only created two of the NX-class. This vessel turned out to be from an alternate universe, and was in fact ISS Antares.

114729.71 - The Librarian

Located on a world near the three engineered worlds discovered so far, was an ancient city. Very few buildings still intact, except for four large pillars of an indestructible material. The same material as found on Eshana. Near those pillars was an ancient library, and within was a still functioning AI librarian. Many secrets of the Ancients were revealed, including the fact there were five engineered species, and that they may have travelled to the Delta Quadrant long ago. However, before the crew could glean all the information from the librarian, the Nova Consortium arrived in force, and destroyed it from orbit.

114827.73 - The Fifth World

The crew deduced the location of the fifth world of engineered beings from information relayed by the librarian. This world was within Nova Consortium space, but was also a common way point for travelers. Operating under disguise with their Romulan guests, the away team traveled to this world to observe. However, half the away team was captured by thugs and forced to compete in a grutesque televised game. The other half desperate to locate their lost comrades.

114968.46 - Escape

With the help of some of the Fifth race, the Ganguruu, one of whom who was also captured and forced to play the game. The away team managed to escape their capture and flee back to Rivru, the Fifth species homeworld, hiding with them. The Ganguruu were enslaved by the Nova Consortium, but a rebellion was forming. Unfortunately, the Phoenix could not directly intervene.

115175.08 - Fresh DNA Samples

With the help of the Ganguruu, the Phoenix crew acquire multiple DNA samples from Nova Consortium races, however, the samples are on Rivru VI and there is a fleet of Nova ships in orbit. With a small crew aboard the Callisto to retrieve the samples, the Romulans acting as a diversion, and the Phoenix engaging the Nova fleet as the primary diversion, the crew hoped to recover the DNA samples. Things didn't go as well as hoped, the Callisto was lost, and the Phoenix took heavy damage. But the samples were recovered, with no hands lost.

115220.17 - The Second Message

With the additional samples from the Ganguruu, the crew are able to put the second DNA message together. It speaks of descendants of the ancients, inviting any who put the message together to follow them. They left markers on various worlds, four pillars that would light the way. The Phoenix returns to Eshana where they knew there to be pillars, and figured out how to get the direction marker. There were two markers, one pointing where the ancients had come from, the other to where they went. The crew did not know which was which, but one pointed towards Qee space, the other to the Delta Quadrant. Unfortuantely, the Phoenix had been recalled, so they began the long trek home.

This is the end of the second chapter in USS Phoenix's missions.