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History of USS Phoenix NX-170100 - Phase 3

115340.32 - Temporary Assignment

The Phoenix is in drydock at Spacedock after the long trek home, several of her systems damaged beyond repair. The crew gets a months leave, but repairs are still undergoing. Another development, this time close to home, has stirred up, and some key Phoenix personnel are re-assigned to border patrol aboard USS Achilles, a Vigilant-class Tactical Escort, attached to Lya Station Alpha, near the Cardassian/Federation border.

115349.7 - Border Patrol

The Achilles is ordered to patrol a section of the Cardassian-Federation border. Starfleet Command has learned of some illegal shipments that may be arriving from Cardassian space. Details are sparce, and the crew is ordered not to arrest anyone, but instead get as much detail as possible about what is being transported, from whom, and to where.

115404.9 - Freighter Inspections

The Achilles crew has stopped several freighters as they cross into Federation space, under the guise of health and safety inspections. The latest freighter, CUV Hekam, the Captain is acting very suspicious, and the inspection team find what could be what they are looking for. One of CUV Hekam's crew, a Starfleet Intelligence agent, quietly informs the inspection crew that what they are looking for are parts to create a thalaron generator.

115418.5 - Bigger Problems

The Achilles crew follow CUV Hekam to its destination, Vulcan, however further investigation is temporarily thwarted when Starfleet Branch Admiral Thomas Jane intercepts them. The Admiral's motives are never made clear, and the Achilles crew are further warned off by Command from investigating his involvement. But something much larger is afoot here, with Admirals working to protect Cardassian agents who are bringing a deadly weapon to Vulcan.

115445.5 - The Hunt Resumes

Contact with the undercover Starfleet agent is once again made. He has lost the two Cardassian agents, and believes them to be in the Vulcan's Forge, a most uninhabitable region on Vulcan. Information is relayed that a Vulcan scientist, possibly named T'lyr, is the local contact, and is also the individual who designed the weapon. Branch Admiral Jane's involvement is also confirmed, but to what level is still unknown.

115502.1 - Success?

An Achilles away team skillfully locate the Cardassians in the Forge. Following a horrific, yet successful firefight, the Cardassians lay buried under a cave-in. The away team successfuly recover the thalaron generator parts, and decide to destroy them, lest they fall into the wrong hands. T'lyr however is never located, nor her true identity or involvement ever fully revealed. Their part in the mission considered a success, the Achilles returns to patrol.

115513.3 - Patrol

Following a short stint of shore leave on Lya Station Alpha, the Achilles resumes patrol duty. Only a couple of events of interest during the next couple of patrols. A Federation shuttle falls victim to an ion storm and gets thrown off course into the Romulan Neutral Zone. After a rescue and a few repairs the shuttle is on its way again. Then a Federation freighter attempts to traverse the Briar Patch while following a "treasure" map, supposedly leading to a fountain of youth. The freighter runs afoul of the Briar Patch, where some of its crew call for help. Ultimately, the treasure hunters are arrested.

115530.4 - A New Executive Officer

Repairs to the Phoenix are still underway, in the meantime, some of the Achilles crew learn of a new Executive Officer being appointed to the Phoenix. A week later those assigned to the Achilles are recalled to the Phoenix to perform the shakedown. Shakedown is fairly typical, except for the new Corvette to replace the Callisto, USS Himalia. Issue after issue affects the new auxiliary craft, some of which, like the malfunctioning warp drive, could have been lethal for the shakedown crew.

115705.7 - Cardassian Scientist

The Phoenix is ordered to Volan III in the Cardassian Union, the source of the freighter, CUV Hekam, that transported the thalaron device to Vulcan. The Cardassian Government is eager to prove they were not involved in the creation of the device, and give the Phoenix crew carte blanche to investigate. During their investigation the Phoenix crew discover a Cardassian scientist's lab with equipment and diagrams for building the device. The origin of these diagrams lead the crew back to Vulcan.

115756.1 - Branch Admiral Jane

Borrowing USS Zambezi from Lya Station Alpha, a Phoenix away team set out for Vulcan. Branch Admiral Jane's involvement in the creation of the Thalaron devise is still not provable, but he is contantly inteferring with the investigation. The crew head back to Vulcan to find further evidence. They locate a secret cult using the catacombs below the Academy of Science, but still not enough evidence to convict Jane. Laying a trap for the Admiral, the crew pretend to go along with his plan, even so far as to offer to blow up a Klingon bird-of-prey. With Starfleet Command listening in, the crew get Jane to reveal his true intentions, admitting his guilt, case closed. Except T'lyr, the Vulcan believe to have created the diagrams got away, beamed off by a Romulan transporter signal.

115868.7 - Ketrecel-White

The Phoenix crew is ordered to investigate a theft from the storage depot in the Alshain system. They learn four cases of an old supply of ketrecel-white, leftover from the Dominion war some 70 years before, have been stolen. Initial clues suggest the White might be enroute to the Gamma Quadrant, but their true destination is much closer. On the non-Federation world Stameris III, some of the local population discovered a crashed Dominion ship during the war, aboard it a large supply of the White. Shy of food, these ancestors of a current tribe on Stameris, began consuming the White. Generations later the supply ran out, the inhabitants started going through painful withdrawals, ultimately stealing more from the Alshain depot. Starfleet Medical has been asked to intervene, but what the fate of the Stameris III people will be is yet unknown.

116001.91 - Romulans in Trouble

The Phoenix is contacted by an old friend, Riov Hwiamma, with a request to meet and discuss something of utmost importance with the Federation. RADM Somyk, the Chief of Starfleet Security, joined the Phoenix and her crew to meet with Hwiamma. During that meeting, the Romulan delegation requested assistance against the Klingons. For a few years now, the Klingon forces have been slowly wittling away at Romulan controlled worlds and resources, and things were not going well for the Romulans.

Unbeknownst to the Phoenix crew, LCDR Svetzvani, a former Phoenix crewmate, was just named the Arbitor of Succession by Chancellor K'maq. Only the second time in history a non-Klingon, and a Terran, was appointed to the position.

116318.7 - The Chancellor is Dead

K'maq, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, is pronounced dead in a formal announcement by the Klingons. As Arbitor of Succession, LCDR Svetzvani is summoned to Qo'nos to oversee the formalities of her recently appointed role. The Phoenix is sent in as her escort. During the formal ceremony on Qo'nos, where the two challengers, Qorn of the house of Duras son of Toral and Morqath of the house of Noggra son of Rodek made their claims, an explosion occurred, one death was reported. Never made public, the Phoenix crew determined the explosive device was designed to look Romulan, but was ultimately of Federation manufacture.

116570.3 - New Chancellor

Morqath of the house of Noggra son of Rodek was named Chancellor of the Klingon High Council and leader of the Klingon Empire. Almost immediately, the Klingons cut ties with the Zakdorn, and their aggressions towards the Romulan Empire come to an end. As is typical following a leadership change in the Klingon Empire, their borders tighten, and relations with others, such as the Federation, nearly cease to exist.

116556.2 - Quantum Entanglement

During a flight test of USS Himalia, the replacement corvette for the Phoenix, the Himalia experiences an odd quantum entanglement event. For a time, the Himalia's sensors indicated the vessel was in two places at once. The Phoenix reported the Himalia drifting in and out of sensor contact, while those aboard the Himalia reported the ship moving in an instant to a location deep in the Delta Quadrant.

116615.6 - Bajoran Colonies

The Phoenix receives orders to investigate the disappearance of the navigation buoys that allows traffic to safely traverse the Badlands to the systems beyond. The crew soon learn of a plot to disrupt relations between the Federation and Bajor and its colony worlds. A rogue Starfleet ship, one that can change its registry on a whim, is disrupting the space lanes in the region, and has destroyed Bajoran vessels, killing all aboard. IKS K'rel is dispatched to the region to work undercover, in an attempt to uncover what is really going on.

117220.0 - A Rogue Element

IKS K'rel, under the command of LT Coil, follows several leads, uncovering more and more of the plot against the Bajorans. Finally, they are about to receive some crucial information, but must deliver a package first. That mission does not go according to plan however, and all hands are nearly lost when the K'rel's computer systems are taken over by a third-party. Through skill and some luck, the K'rel crew are able to regain control of the ship, and in so doing get the information they were looking for. The rogue ship is not so rogue, but operating under orders from someone at Starfleet Command. Other evidence also indicates a Nativist movement growing in Starfleet. Eventually the rogue ship is caught, but the crew are gone, and all evidence of who was giving them orders was wiped.

117425.1 - Invisible Spies

Continuing to attempt to salvage relations between Bajor and the Federation, the Phoenix is ordered to New Bajor in the Gamma Qaudrant. All seems well on New Bajor, until the crew discovers they are being watched, closely, by beings that have the ability to cloak themselves. The crew learn that some of the inhabitants of Stameris III, those addicted to the White, have been recruited, mostly against their will, to act as operatives. Their ability to shroud themselves, a perfect asset for infiltration. The Phoenix crew also learn all of those from Stameris III who were addicted to the White have been taken, their fate still unknown.

117606.6 - Trouble at the Core

With the rogue vessel captured, and other additional evidence gathered, the Phoenix and her crew are able to narrow down a possible suspect at the head of the incidents. This information is passed onto Command, and in due time, BADM Cole Hauser, Chief of the Stafleet Corps of Engineers, resigns. For the moment at least, relations between Bajor and the Federation have solidified again, but remnants of the nativist movement remain.

117666.31 - USS Alita NX-93500

The crew of the Phoenix are temporarily reassigned to USS Alita, a prototype carrier, to shake her down and determine if this new design is a viable one. Multiple system and flight tests were carried out, including the launching and recovery of the new Valkyrie-class fighter. There were many bugs throughout the vessel, and during the second set of war game scenarios against the new Europa-class heavy cruiser, the Alita-class was not up to the task designed.

118068.0 - Lost In Space

During one final shakedown exercise aboard USS Alita, the vessel was attacked by a Humanist controlled vessel. Multiple systems were destroyed, as well as the destruction of the battlepod by internal saboteurs. USS Pathfinder, a newly minted exploration vessel, was in the region and took the USS Alita shakedown crew aboard during the return trip to Spacedock. During that return trip the Pathfinder was hurled across the galaxy, far into the Delta Quadrant.

118102.2 - USS Pathfinder NX-97500

The Captain of the Pathfinder, CAPT S'vyrr, was lost during the events that hurled the ship across space. An initial conflict arose between the senior officers of the Alita who were aboard as guests, and the highest ranking officer of the Pathfinder. But eventually a command team was formed and the crew set out to determine where they were and how to get home.

118136.2 - Vexa

One of the first worlds the Pathfinder encountered was being hounded by a group of pirates. While not a military vessel, the Pathfinder was able to scare the pirates off and see to the well-being of the inhabitants below. One visitor to the world was a Talaxian who offered to help the Pathfinder find the supplies they needed to affect repairs to the slipstream drive so they could get home.

118192.5 - Niven Ring

During their travels to find the resources they need, the crew discover a Niven Ring adrift in space. If it was once in orbit of a star, it no longer was. The Ring had suffered damage in certain sections, but given the vast size of it, roughly the same radius as that of the Earth from the Sun, indepth scans of all of it would take a considerable investment of time.

118214.2 - A Forest Without Light

Not a natural phenomenom, areas of the Niven Ring were also filled with other unnatural phenomenom. One such section was covered in a forest, despite the lack of natural light. Beings also populate the forest, beings that can change shape at will. These beings use telepathic means to entice their prey into following them into a trap, transforming themselves into recognizable people from the target's subconscious. Luckily none of the away team was lost, this time.

118344.67 - Loss of a Scientific Marvel

A vast city was located on the Niven Ring, long since uninhabitated, and most of it without oxygen to breathe. Far beneath it, the crew located cargo holds, possibly from as early back as the days of the ring's construction. Within one, the crew found some of the materials needed to reconstruct the slipstream drive. One step closer to getting back home. They also located a "Librarian", a sophisticated computer system, potentially sentient, that holds all the knowledge of the Ancients, but it is heavily damaged.

118498.76 - Time Paradox

The crew discover a class M planet and send down a probe, but the planet is in temporal flux and the probe and planet disappear. A few hours later when the planet reappears, the planet's population has expanded from a few thousand to a few billion. Unfortunately, the planet's technology is also based on that from the Starfleet probe. Because of the temporal flux, the planet bounces back and forth between it's time periods all while the crew watches. Eventually, the crew is able to recover the probe from a time before damage can occur. As a bonus, they also recover some needed minerals for the Slipstream drive.

118670.57 - A Glimpse of The Future

The crew discover a doorway on a seemingly unpopulated world. This doorway projects a picture that changes periodically, one such picture was that of USS Alita. When attempting to touch the picture, those present of the away team were instantiously transported to a corridor aboard that vessel. An intruder alarmed sounded and then CDR Svetzvani arrived to confront the away team. It turned out nine years had passed since USS Pathfinder went missing, and the crew was assumed lost. USS Alita was about to meet up with Klingon and Romulan delegations. The Humanist movement, under the command of Federation President Cole Hauser, had pretty much wiped out the old Federation, and Kadn and Tink were trying one last ditch effort to get help from the outside. Unfortunately, the Humanists were aware of the meeting and after a valiant conflict USS Alita was destroyed, killing all aboard. The away team then found themselves back next to the doorway, safe but shaken.

118726.01 - Damn It's Cold

Upon arriving at a black hole, issues with the environmental systems aboard USS Pathfinder begin plaguing the crew. Some quarters are turned into blizzards, while others are evacuated to space. Eventually the crew learn they are being secretly watched, and the watchers triggered malfunctions aboard simply for their amusement.

118759.50 - Generation Ship - The Ark

The crew discover a massive vessel on slow approach towards the singularity. Upon investigation, they find the interior of the ship is hollow, and contains a complete ecosystem with farmlands, mountains, a weather system, and inhabitants. The locals are a simple people and have no idea they are aboard a spaceship, nor that they are in any danger from the backhole. The ruling class is also abhorrent, and rules with an iron fist and will not deal with the Starfleet crew. With help from some of the farmers, the crew begin to figure out the generation ship veered off course. Eventually they get it back on track, and the farmer class overthrow their oppressive leaders, as only they can control the ship.

119375.76 - Slipstream Repaired

With the Slipstream drive finally repaired the crew begin to plan their long return trip home. They also discover the watchers, the beings wreaking havoc aboard. The watchers don't like having been found, and threaten to destroy USS Pathfinder, they were also responsible for bringing the Pathfinder to the GQ in the first place. But a Federation like race in the region intervenes, one with powers far superior to the Federation, send Pathfinder back where it was in the Alpha Quadrant in a blink of an eye. Pathfinder's welcome home wasn't what they were hoping, as Humanist extremists are there and attempt to destroy them once again.

119416.45 - Presidential Election

The crew back safely, they find themselves assigned to the officer pool on Spacedock until all the hearings and investigations regarding their disappearance are completed. But they also bring back the information they obtained, as well as evidence of the attack by the Hauser led Humanists upon the Alita and Pathfinder. This information goes public and Hauser loses the election, thus changing the course of events as the crew saw them on the doorway world.

119439.89 - Inauguration Day

Not having assignments yet, some of the crew take part in the inauguration ceremony of the new UFP president on Earth. A last ditch effort by the Humanists was carried out to assinate the new president, was thwarted by the crew attending and a Riov named Hwiamma. Their overall success may have been as the result of whispers from unseen individuals, warning of the pending attack.

119441.30 - A New Captain

The bulk of the crew are re-assigned to USS Phoenix, now under the command of Nathaniel T. Eckert, a scientist by trade, and an experienced command officer. The Phoenix has been refit, no longer with family quarters, but instead with a flight deck designed for the Valkyrie-class fighters, with a couple of squadrons assigned as well. USS Himalia, the vessel's Corvette, has been outifitted with an experimental phase cloaking device of Starfleet design that unfortunately turned out to be a dud.

119547.27 - First Contact

A solitary, slow moving object, was identified on long range sensors outside of Federation territory. USS Phoenix was ordered to investigate. Unfortunately, any attempt to scan this slow moving vessel was causing damage to its hull, and potentially other systems. This wasn't realized at first and an away team boarded, causing even more damage. The crew of this newly discovered ship was in a state of hibernation, where their time scale was considerably lower than normal time. Eventually audible contact was made, but the damage was done, and the vessel attempted to limp back home. With the damage sustained there was no hope the vessel would make it. Violating the Prime Directive, CAPT Eckert ordered the vessel be tractored to its homeworld, but before that could be completed, and from damage suffered at the hands of the Phoenix, the alien vessel was destroyed. Further contact with their homeworld was not made.

119999.09 - 2D Lifeform

The Phoenix runs aground of a two-dimensional being, all propulsion systems are inoperative. Attempts to extricate appear to harm the 2D being, so a plan is formulated. Eventually contact is made with the entity and working together, the Phoenix extricates itself. However, the entity was damaged in the attempt and no further communication was had.

120809.27 - The Garage

The crew learn through the Diplomatic Corps that supplies are being sent to the New France colony, but they aren't making it there. The crew learn the supplies are being rerouted to The Garage, a secret base run by Hauser and the Humanists, hidden in the Arachnid Nebula. However, due to a navigational hiccup and issues with the phase cloak, when the Corvette attempted to get additional information, it was lost within the nebula, and the crew captured by the Humanists.

120874.85 - Trouble Afoot

The Humanist stronghold in Starfleet was far more established than thought, and the Phoenix was recalled to Spacedock where Captain Eckert was taken into custody. A green LCDR Humanist was double promoted and given command of the Phoenix. Her anti-alien ways left the Phoenix crew little choice but to mutiny. The lead officers are called to the Judge Advocate's office, but, that call was for their protection, as the Humanists had put out a hit on them.

120944.70 - Humanists Attack

The Humanists had been building up ships at The Garage, and they used them to attempt a coup at Earth. But with the help of the Phoenix and other vessels, all of the Humanist ships were lost. Hauser was in command of the lead Humanist ship, and was believed lost during the battle. The Garage was then searched, but it was booby-trapped, and the away team was lucky to escape with their lives. The time of the Humanists was nearing an end.

Thus ends another chapter in the history of USS Phoenix and her crew.