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History of USS Phoenix NX-170100 and NCC-170100-A - Phase 4

121129.2 - Phoenix Fires First?
The Phoenix is ordered to Volan III in Cardassian territory, to ascertain why they have not received their regular food shipment. The Federation has been providing aid to many Cardassian worlds since the end of the Dominion war. While at Volan III, a torpedo struck the planet surface, to which the Phoenix was blamed. Visual footage showed the Phoenix firing from orbit, striking the planet. Tensions between the two nations were strained, and all Federation members were ordered to vacate Cardassian space.

121249.5 - A New Enemy
A Federation freighter was attempting to flee Cardassian territory, when it was harassed by a trio of Cardassian fighters. The Phoenix and her crew manage to protect the freighter and extricate it from Cardassian territory, while at the same time getting a glimpse of a cloaked vessel. Utilizing the Phoenix' tachyon pulse, the CMV Damar was revealed. A new class of Cardassian warship, equipped with a Klingon cloak.

121300.3 - Watching Eyes
The Phoenix is ordered to provide security for the construction of a new subspace antennae array near the Alpha Majoris system, just outside Cardassian territory. In the meantime, using her auxiliary vessels, the Phoenix crew begin stealth recon of many Cardassian worlds. Mission objectives include, where are they building their new ships. Can these new ships fire while cloaked? Can they prove the Cardassians fired on their own planet and clear the Phoenix of any wrongdoing.

121486.7 - Trouble In The Union
The Phoenix' recon missions learn that many Cardassian worlds are suffering, as the aid from the Federation has stopped and the new military government is focused on rebuilding its forces, and does not have the means to supply its member worlds. At the same time, word has spread that the Cardassian military came into some sort of winfall, enough to "buy a planet". The Phoenix is ordered to investigate the Velos system for information on a possible Cardassian shipyard in that area.

121535.7 - Lost Auxiliary
Utilizing the auxiliary corvette, USS Amalthea, a select crew head out to the Velos system as per orders. However, the small ship runs into trouble and crashes on the seventh planet in the system. The vessel is a loss, but all crew survive. The crashed crew is forces to make their way through the jungle to try and locate an abandoned outpost several days hike away. However, upon nearing the outpost, it was discovered to no longer be abandoned, and several of the crashed crew were taken hostage. Against orders, Captain Jatei lead a rescuse mission in a brand new auxiliary vessel, USS Ursa Major, equipped with a cloak, to recover the Amalthea, her crew, and to finish the recon assignment.

121794.4 - Hellfire From Orbit
The Cardassian world Rakal IV emits a distress call, to which the Cardassian military ignored. In the region, the Phoenix answers the call. The planet had unwittingly re-enabled an orbital weapons platform that would attack any vessel that approached. This cut them off from every other world, limiting their supplies. The weapons platform was a leftover of the Dominion war, had significant weapons capabilities, and proved difficult to approach, even for the Phoenix. Eventually its power source was disabled, once again rendering the platform disabled.

121851.8 - Undercover Trouble
An undercover mission aboard a Cardassian freighter is conducted by a select group of the Phoenix's crew. Their mission, to investigate the Tong Beak Nebula for signs of a Cardassian shipyard. The mission was doomed from the get go, as the freighter did not have the necessary access codes to get anywhere near the Tong Beak Nebula, and the Starfleet Intel officer who coordinated the mission in the first place, didn't exist. The away team barely escapes with their lives, learning only that the shipyard is there, but is a relic, and incapable of building new ships. Was this all an elaborate ruse to kill off some of the Phoenix' crew?

122045.6 - More Pieces On The Board
The Klingons have arrived in the area. They are looking for a half dozen cloaking devices that were stolen from them. Starfleet reported Cardassian ships now had cloaks, and the Klingons want them back. The added bonus that Cardassians seem to have the technology to also fire while cloak, is also highly saught after by the Klingons. Meanwhile, the Cardassians annex the Torman system, claiming it as their own. This was soon after the Phoenix crew discovered a latinum mine on that planet. A mine that was woefully unstable. Reports are also coming in from trusted sources that many Cardassian worlds are inexplicably drying up. One such world, Orias III, is now completely devoid of all life.

122532.6 - Enemy Stronghold
Cardassian activity in the Volan system increases. A fleet has been positioned to protect the system, and freighters are seen actively delivering cargo there. The planet that started all this, appears to be the center of attention now, and potentially the base Starfleet has been looking for all along. This is further established as a significant defensive shield now exists on the planet. Meteorological damages to other Cardassian worlds continues to spread for unknown reasons.

122781.8 - Even More Pieces On The Board
Romulan vessels have approached the Phoenix as it stands guard of the Setlik system. The four main powers in the sector, now all in close proximity, all the while the Cardassians are conducting sneak attacks on Federation colony worlds, but only to the point of being a nuisance. A massive conflict between all four powers may be close. For now the Cardassians play a game of cat and mouse.

123390.0 - Scientists Unite
Following a kidnapping of some key science personnel, an escape was made from the secret Cardassian facility at Volan III. The lead scientist, who developed the power generation equipment that enabled the Cardassians to have the ability to fire while cloaked, was working unduress. His project was meant to provide power to less-able planets, but it was abused. The Cardassian facility remain intact, and the Phoenix crew await orders to decommission it.

123473.5 - Rescuing Forced Labour
Several Starfleet vessels, working with USS Phoenix, coordinated an attack on the secret Cardassian based on Volan III. Their attack was successful, rendering the power generation equipment useless. They also were able to recover the hundred of slave workers at the facility. It was learned that by using the power generation equipment as they did, the Cardassians were inadvertantly causing the ill-effects to the planets in the region. With the equipment now dead, it may be possible to help those planets.

123505.5 - End Of An Era
USS Phoenix is ordered to stand down. All crew are ordered to Spacedock to await re-assignment. Henceforth, USS Phoenix will be the flagship of BADM S.P. Kemper, once Captain of the vessel, now head of Starfleet Intelligence.

123550.1 - A New Beginning
The crew is re-assigned to USS Sao Paulo, a Yorktown-class exploration vessel, designed to be self-sufficient for years, with all the amenities and facilities required for a crew compliment of 2,500 and their immediate families aboard the vessel. The crew begin the shakedown operations of this newly commissioned craft as tensions in Cardassian territory continue.

123660.4 - Time Trouble
The Sao Paulo is on assignment to the Tessen system to investigate some temporal anomalies in the region. During the investigation a probe is launched by the Sao Paulo and returned, however, the probe that returned was from an alternate universe. Other odd sightings were also reported, including the USS Phoenix, both separated into its two parts, and intact. Working diligently, the crew was able to plug up the hole in space-time, correcting the issues in the region.

124034.4 - Mission Delayed
Following the renaming of BADM Kemper's USS Phoenix to USS Excelsior, USS Sao Paulo is officially renamed to USS Phoenix NCC-170100-A. The newly renamed Phoenix is enroute to Pacifica to begin its exploration mission deep into the Alpha quadrant. However, tensions in the Cardassian sector cause for a delay in that mission. Taking advantage of the situation, the Tzenkethi have incurred on Cardassian space. Meanwhile Starfleet tries to help the Detapa Council in regaining governmental control of Cardassia.

124692.1 - Dominion Threat
Klingon, Romulan, and Federation forces amass near Deep Space 9 to stop a foolhardy attempt by the Cardassian military, in league with a collection of mercenary vessels, to traverse the Wormhole and strike vengeance on the Dominion for what they did to the Cardassians at the end of the war. All out hostilities ensue, with a massive battle taking place. The combined strength of the Klingons, Romulans and Federation ships, outclass the Cardassians and Mercenaries, destroying most of the attacking vessels. Several casualties were also met in the Klingon forces, with a few Cardassian vessels escaping.

124678.5 - Relief Efforts
Starfleet, with permission from the newly re-instated Detapa Council, is permitted to begin supplying aid once again to Cardassian worlds. Some Cardassian worlds however, refuse aid, and remain loyal to the remnants of the Cardassian military. The majority of which has holed up in the Torman system, the sight of the Cardassian latinum mines. Federation scientists work around the cloak to figure out a way to combat some of the afteraffects of the Cardassian power generators. Many worlds have become infertile, and will only survive with outside aid, unless something can be done to reverse the process. The Tzenkethi continue to be a nuisance around several Cardassian worlds.

125069.8 - Reptilian Retreat
Several Starfleet ships, along with the CMV Damar, attempt to thwart the Tzenkethi blockade of Volan III. This attempt is eventually successful. One Tzenkethi vessel was destroyed in the battle, with the remainder retreating to their home space. Small scale testing of a solution to revitalize soil on the affected Cardassian worlds is undertaken. The work is promising.

125270.1 - An Olive Branch
The Phoenix delivers much needed food, water, and medical supplies to the last vestige of the Cardassian military, holed up in the Torman system. The military forces fired upon the Phoenix, but her armor systems were able to withstand the attack long enough to provide the supplies. Hope of establishing an olive branch to the soldiers still holding out against all odds.

125574.2 - Tilling The Soil
The Phoenix delivers the fully tested solution in a planetwide dispersal over Orias III. Previous tests on that planet have shown a significant reversal and revitalization of the soil on that world. The planetwide solution is effective, and plans to continue are setup for other Cardassian worlds. It should be as early as the next season, these worlds will once again be able to grow their own crops.
The last holdout military in the Torman system, surrender, and are welcomed home by the Detapa Council. The Cardassian situation is resolved.