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History of USS Phoenix NCC-170100-A - Phase 5

125852.4 - Deep Space Here We Come
The Phoenix is once again beginning its deep space exploration mission. On the way they stop in the Beta Renner system, where the Selay and Antican have started up some of the old feuds again. With supplies from the Federation dwindling, in no part thanks to the relief efforts to Cardassian space, the Selay and Antican had looked for other food sources. However, the source they found ended up being sentient, and didn't like being food. This unwilling food source attacked the Selay and Antica in such a manner that it looked like they had attacked each other. With the Phoenix help, all was quickly resolved.

126192.9 - Trouble Aboard
A murder occurs aboard the Phoenix. Crewmen Jenkins was brutally attacked and killed in the engineering spaces aboard the ship. There was no sign of her attackers, it was determined there were at least two. The note left behind suggested remnants of the old Humanist group were once again rearing their ugly head.

126235.7 - Cowboys and Aliens
The Phoenix discover a star system with seven planets, the third of which is populated by two species. 750 Kuvassians and nearly 12,000 Terrans. There was no record of Terrans ever travelling out this far, and the civilization encountered was still living in what could only be described as the old west. These Terrans, or at least their ancestors, had been taken from Earth over 600 years prior , presumably as a work force for the Kuvassians. But their ship ran aground of this desert planet, where neither population really thrived.

126953.1 - Cowboy Go Home
Several away missions later, all under the disguise of locals, resulted in the crew learning the Terrans on this planet, now use the Kuvassians as slave labour, and also hunt them for sport. Contact with the Kuvassians was eventually made, to which they acknowledge their ancestors took the Terrans from their world, and feel shame for doing so. Their only wish now is to go home, as do the Terrans. Several Starfleet vessels are dispatched, and the Terrans are slowly gathered up and returned to Federation space. The Kuvassians however, don't know where their homeworld is, so a search is made based on some old drawing the Kuvassians have.

127402.5 - In Search Of Home
A possible location is determined for the Kuvassian homeworld, some 700 light years distant. A recon mission is undertaken, only to find a world that has been savagely attacked from space. A population that was once estimated to be in the billions, is now a scattered few million. Most of the planet surface, especially those areas near what were once cities, is irradiated. The are clear signs of technological advancement, as aging satellites still orbit the planet. The recon away team take one back to the Phoenix for study.

127562.1 - Contact With Home
The satellite, no longer frozen, and assumingly being powered by the lights in the shuttlebay, begins broadcasting a simple message. Not a recording, but someone from Kuvassia is broadcasting a message through to the satellite. Eventually the Phoenix returns to Kuvassia with the Kuvassian population from Carorkon, and begins the slow process of locating local Kuvassians to speak too. One of the locations spotted is a crumpled city, but a sign there bears the same name as one of the Carorkons aboard. Upon visiting the location in person, some of the crew are taken below ground. It is later learned they are taken to protect them from the harmful radiation on the surface. This radiation has much more serious affects on the Kuvassians that is does members of the away team. Not a suitable location for the 750 Kuvassians aboard, the search continues.

127856.8 - Home Doesn't Want Us
A group of islands off to the east of the larger continent, appear untouched by the orbital bombardment the rest of the planet suffered. Here, a large population of Kuvassians thrive in a relative paradise. They quickly learn that Eayi, the Carorkon Kuvassian, is among the away team. Eayi's family and ancestry are viewed as significant religious figures in Kuvassian culture. Her return is met with mixed emotions. The leadership on the island, threatened by her return, do everything they can to diminish her power. This eventually results in all out civil war among the island populations, with the leadership's soldiers having a significant upperhand.