Kadn Biran

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Kadn Biran
Full Name: Kadn Biran
Species: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Dahkur Province, Bajor
Birthdate: 14/04/2399
Wife: Svetzvani
Empire: United Federation of Planets
Organization: Starfleet
Assignment: Utopia Planitia Shipyards
Billet: Chief of Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Rank: Branch Admiral
Actor: Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson (pic)

Kadn Biran is the current Chief of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. His flag ship is NX-10 USS Endeavour, though he can often be found on Utopia Planitia Fleetyards in the Sol sector. He dreams of flying, it is a passion, but he also is a skilled engineer. In his spare time he works out, a lot, he also likes to sing and draw. A more kind hearted soul you may never meet.


Biran is a tall hulk of a man, good looking too, or so he is told. Standing at just over 6'4, and weighing in at last measure at a whopping 245lbs. Not an ounce of fat on him either, well ok, maybe one or two here and there. But for the most part, he is a muscle machine. Obviously a body-builder in his spare time, his arms are as thick as some people's legs. He is completely bald on his head, but its a style that very much suits him. His only noticable facial feature are the nose ridges of his species. Upon his right ear is a simple chain-linked earring adorned with a single jewel of blue sapphire.

In contrast to his hulking form however, is his voice. Biran is a soft spoken man who seldom raises his voice, and in a crowded room he is easily drowned out by the ambient noise, making it difficult to hear him sometimes. But make no mistake, beneath that massive chest is a set of lungs that can bellow when need be. You best just hope you are not the focus of it when it comes.


Kadn Biran was born the oldest child of three to his parents Vehia and Tuzn. His younger siblings were, Funoa, his sister, and Audus his brother. The family grew up in the Dahkur Province, his parents were simple farmers, farming life was hard but it afforded them the basic neccessities of life and they were happy. Only Biran's younger brother Audus, a rebelious sort with a bit of a temper, was one to complain though, he had a wish to run off and join the Bajoran Militia at an early age, he wanted to explore the galaxy and fight off enemies. Unlike Biran himself, who was an extremely kind hearted soul, he couldn't hurt any living creature, even those that may have stumbled upon the farmland and eaten some of the crops. Everything and everyone has a purpose on this world, he would say.

When Biran was twelve, his sister Funoa and her school classmates were invited to the Dakeen Monastery as part of a field trip of religious exploration. Biran's mother, Vehia, went with the group to assist and act as chaperone. On the return flight however, their shuttle crashed in the Kola Mountain range, there were no survivors. It was determined that pilot error was the cause of the crash, the pilot had run this shuttle trip so often he would doze off at the controls out of the repetitive boredom. This time however, he wouldn't be waking up again, neither would any of his passengers. The loss of Vehia and Funoa devastated Biran's father, Tuzn, who renounced his faith in the Prophets and turned to drink to bury his sorrows. It was up to Biran to care for himself and his brother. Audus however, was very unsettled by the loss and lashed out in anger, eventually running away to find his own path. It wasn't until years later Biran learned Audus had joined the Bajoran Militia, just like he always talked about. The military life calmed Audus, and although the two brothers don't speak much, they do keep in touch. To this day, Biran's father Tuzn still lives on the family farm, but nearly all of the farmland has been sold off, Tuzn just tends to enough to pay the bills, and keep himself fed.

Driven by the events of his mother's and sister's deaths, Biran spent every free moment at the nearby shuttle port. He worked odd jobs on the weekends, mostly manual labour and grunt work, something his farm-raised body was used to, and good at. But, one of the engineers at the shuttle port, Wysh Licun, noted Biran had an aptitude for mechanical things, and it wasn't long before he had Biran help him out with basic shuttle repairs. While Biran had skill at it, and he learned a lot, engineering wasn't his ultimate desire, Biran needed to fly.

When Biran graduated from grade school, and with the sponsorship of Wysh Licun, he applied to the Bajoran Military Academy to become an officer. He struggled with some of the academics, excelled at engineering, but much to his chagrin, flying was hard for him. He perservered through his first two years, slowly improving, but it wasn't until his third year that he had a breakthrough, all thanks to one instructor, Lt Cdr Aokn Eis. Something in the way Lt Cdr Aokn explained things, she strayed away from this is /how/ you do things and instead focused on this is /why/ you do things. She clearly had a love for flying, and it showed in how she teached. Biran too, slowly changed from a 'need to fly' to a 'want to fly', and soon was near the top of his flight-training class. Biran also spent most of his free time at the gym working out, his farm-boy physique carried over nicely to the body-building craft, and it wasn't long before his boyhood form turned into the hulking man he is today.

Biran started his career assigned to planetary defense aboard the Bajoran Militia vessel Hadiuk. He found the assignment quite boring as the patrol route was very small and didn't afford him much opportunity to spread his wings, but he was at the controls of a starship so didn't complain. He acquired a bit of a reputation in the militia as one of the best pilots during a few encounters with some rebel factions still found in the area. Eventually the vessel he was assigned to was on joint operations with Starfleet at Deep Space 9. He grew fond of the Starfleet personnel there over the years, falling for a few as well.

When the time came for the USS Phoenix to begin its mission to find the USS Antietam, in an offering of unity and friendship between itself, the various factions within, and some of its closest allies, the Federation extended a welcome to a select few from outside their ranks, including from Bajor. Kadn jumped at the chance to pilot a new ship of the line, and with his record was given the opportunity by his superiors. The only catch, which Kadn found difficult at first, was the change in uniform. Kadn was offered a commision in Starfleet at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, that commission lasting for the duration of the mission.