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USS Phoenix.jpg
Name: Phoenix class
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operators: Starfleet
Type: Heavy Cruiser
Active: 2428
Dimensions: 850 x 300 x 108 meters
Mass: 5,823,000 metric tons
Decks: 25
Crew: 1,500
Cruise Warp: 9.995
Max Warp: 9.99975
Armament: 6 x Heavy Phaser Cannons, 24 x Phaser Cannons, 7 x Phaser Banks, 7 fore torpedo launchers, 5 aft torpedo launcher (Type II Quantum)
Defenses: Deflector shields, Ablative Generators

The Phoenix-class is a multi-mission heavy cruiser designed and built in a time when Starfleet's primary mission was that of defense and safe-guarding the lives of the United Federation of Planets. The design is an improvement on the older Sovereign-class ship, about two hundred meters longer, and with improved tactical abilities.

Still maintained under classified conditions, the Phoenix-class was also equipped with ablative generators, capable of encompassing the vessel in a nearly impenetrable layer of armor.

Only one Phoenix-class vessel was ever commissioned, the USS Phoenix NCC-170100. That vessel saw its crew through over two decades of exploration, local skirmishes, and countless missions. Upon its retirement, she was renamed USS Excelsior, serving as the flag vessel for her former captain Rear Admiral Kemper.


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