RP Log: New Duties, Again

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Roleplay Log
  • Conference Room--Deck 1 [USS Phoenix]
  • 125084.0
2023-01-21 19:04
Conference Room - Deck 1 <USS Phoenix NCC-170100-A>
This large compartment is specifically designed for senior staff meetings. The focal point of the space is a large mahogany table surrounded by ten high-backed leather chairs. There are three viewscreens, a large one on the aft bulkhead, and two smaller ones to port and starboard. The forward bulkhead is primarily transparent aluminum, with a stunning view down the front of the saucer section.

The Vulcan commander clearly hasn't seen anyone yet. Clearly, because her things are sitting neatly in a corner, and she sits in a chair, apparently reading.

Shulon's antennae scope out the room as he enters, "T'Shaav", he calls from the entry way. "Welcome aboard." He asks, "Have you been aboard this Phoenix yet?"

T'Shaav stands as she turns and sees who's come. "Captain Shulon. Good day, and no, sir, I have not."

"Well you are in for a treat, or a hard time, depending on who you ask it seems." Chill approaches you. "Thank you for the assist the other day, aboard the Diomedes. In hindsight, I'd no business giving you orders, but someone had to I guess."

T'Shaav nods. "I was pleased to follow your lead in that," she says. "My ship was completely outclassed and outgunned. One or two enemy torpedoes would have destroyed it. So, I am pleased we could assist in a small way, sir."

Shulon nods, "Yes, those torpedoes, and 15 at once. Gem and I shouldn't have been so close together, they got double the bang with those hits." He asks, "Surprised to be transferred, to here no less? Your career has taken you to quite a few assignments in the last decade."

"I have learned," she says dryly, "not to try and predict what the detailer's office will ever do, sir. I assumed, if I assume anything, that Starfleet thought I could be helpful on your forthcoming exploration mission."

Shulon smiles, "Helpful, one would hope so." His tone gets a tad more serious for a moment. "I want to get you up to speed on one thing, before I let you know where you'll be serving. James, has been XO for the last 18 months or so, but I think it may have been a bit early for him to take on that roll, especially on a ship of this size. We've had a few encounters with the Cardassians, mercenaries, and Tzenkethi, that didn't go as smoothly as they could have." He continues, "A stray torpedo fired by the Phoenix hit Vitar II, they've since refused any help from Starfleet, even though they have people starving. We went on a wild goose chase after a lone mercenary vessel, and most recently, the Phoenix actually fired first on the Tzenkethi. Though one could argue the Tzen did first, and on previous occassions, but we did have orders not to fire. James was a little trigger happy."

T'Shaav takes that in silence and thinks about her response for a minute. "That is very unfortunate, sir. Do you say we, that is, the Phoenix, fired the torpedoes that struck Vitar II? And I admit I did not see the start of the action in the Volan system."

Shulon nods, "The Phoenix was engaging a mercenary vessel in the Vitar system, but a stray torpedo missed its target and hit the planet. Torpedoes shouldn't do that, but its never a good idea to fire them in close proximity to habitable planets. An accident, but an avoidable one." He adds, "I've not filed an official report on us firing first in the Volan system, for now we're keeping that in house. But I did tell James there would be consequences. If however Command gets wind of it through other means, it could mean the end of James' career. I don't want that."

T'Shaav nods. "It is very inadvisable to fire torpedoes near planets or other friendly or innocent ships. A tactical officer should be fully aware of that and not do it. I prefer conservative approaches to their use, sir, and I have been known to limit myself in firing options and risk prolonging the engagement, because I did not want to strike the wrong target or planet." A beat. "Mr. Worthington is a capable officer in many respects, but what you tell me aligns with things I have observed. I have known him since he was an ensign. He has grown as an officer, but there is ... more room for growth," she says maybe a bit diplomatically. "And you are right, sir. If the mission profile called for no one to fire until actually fired upon, that is a serious breach of orders. When I heard the final plan, I considered it a form of ... psychological operation more than anything else. Perhaps the Tzenkethi would have backed down. Perhaps not. But we shall never know."

"The Tzenkethi did fire, a single torpedo that never reached us. We were too far out, so no threat." Chill says, "And there were earlier encounters with them, where they fired on Starfleet ships. But, again, our orders were to not fire unless fired upon, and the subsequent battle resulted in loss of life, both aboard the Phoenix, but also the Lexington. Both ships took about the same amount of damage." His antennae curl, "But yes, he needs some temperament, and maybe tactical isn't the best place for him either, as he still can have his finger on the trigger, but it is what he is most qualified for." He smiles, "Which bring me to you. I'd like you to step in as XO of the ship."

T'Shaav nods. "I come to serve, sir. The Phoenix has been fully refueled and the repair teams should be nearly done. Refueling was the last thing I arranged before leaving Lya Station. What do you require of me now, sir?"

Shulon takes a moment to enter in the roster changes into the computer. "Our exploration mission got sidelined with the activity here in Cardassian territory, and any of the food supplies we had for that have been reprioritized. The Phoenix has a significant cargo capacity, so we've been bringing supplies into Cardassian worlds based on Tink's recommendations. That is one operation we'll continue." His antennae quiver in thought, "Science and medical are working on a possible cure/procedure to revitalize some of the lost farmland on Orias III, which may also work on other Cardassian worlds. Ultimately, we want the Cardassians to be self sufficient again, at least for food. Lastly, there is a mercenary fleet out there that is still causing issues for the Cardassians. We can't openly enter Cardassian territory unless specifically asked to, or if we are bringing supplies. SO we can't go chasing the mercs down. But until they are gone, again, our exploration mission is on hold."

T'Shaav nods. "Noted," she says. "I foresee military intervention at Rakal as inevitable in some form. But until then and until the revitalization treatment is ready, would I be correct in thinking our next task will be to reload supplies and make a further delivery?"

Shulon nods, "yes, and I don't know who has supplies right now for us to get. We're not the only ship bringing it in, and we've exhausted what was readily available. Some of our runs came from Angel I, a ways out. But, Tink will know where to get more. She's been on top of that."

T'Shaav nods. "I will speak with Captain Svetzvani then if you wish," she says. "I estimate one more day to complete repairs, time which I will use to familiarize myself with the ship, consult with medical, and arrange informal talks with all of the ship's department heads so that I can best understand their needs."

"One last thing, which may be nothing." Chill adds, his antennae straightening, "There are inklings that a Klingon fleet is headed this way. Tink is aware, but their intention isn't known yet." He steps towards the door, "Welcome aboard, I'll make a formal announcement of the roster change in a few minutes. Anything else you need first thing?"

"No sir. Thank you. It is a privilege to serve with you once again," she says.