USS Phoenix

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USS Phoenix.jpg
USS Phoenix
Class: Phoenix class
Registry: NX-170100
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: InActive (2428-2447)

The USS Phoenix NX-170100 was the first of her class, a prototype intended to replace the aging Sovereign-class. Visually the two ship classes looked very similar from an external point of view, except the Phoenix was longer, wider, and taller. This additional girth also allowed for a set of doors on the ventral side of the aft engineering section. Held securely within these doors was a specially crafted corvette, specifically the USS Callisto NX-99901, also a prototype Callisto-class corvette.


When the USS Antietam went missing Starfleet Command lobbied the Federation Council and obtained permission to repurpose the nearly complete USS Phoenix. Engineering crews at Utopia Planitia and Spacedock began retrofitting USS Phoenix for a deep space research, rescue, and exploration mission. The Facilities for housing a large Marine contingent were converted into science labs. One of the flight decks intended for servicing a fighter wing was also sealed and converted largely into family quarters.

After 20 years of service, NX-170100 (USS Phoenix) was retired from active duty and became the flag ship of Samuel P. Kemper, the vessels former Commanding Officer, now Vice Admiral and Chief of Starfleet Intelligence. Shortly thereafter NCC-170100 was re-christened to USS Excelsior, and a new ship, NCC-170100-A bore the name Phoenix.

Command Crew