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Getting Started

Every good character needs a backstory, their origin, how they got started, and to a certain degree what has helped define them. Your character is no different, to that end you need to write a biography for it.

It can help sometimes to read other characters biographies. To do so:

@bio <player>

Don't copy anyone else's work, but reading through some may give you ideas.

When creating your biography, you need to include a few specific points:

  • when and where was your character born
  • who were your parents, who raised you
  • do you have any siblings
  • what kind of life did you have growing up; harsh, easy, somewhere in the middle

If your character is going to be in Starfleet (most are) you also need to include a few things about your time at the Academy. Note too, Academy training is 4 years, with an additional 2 years for medical personnel.

  • what was your primary area of study (science, engineering, etc)
  • did you make any friends/enemies
  • using your IQ/ME/MA as a baseline, you can also describe how well you did at the Academy, did you struggle with any courses?

It can also help to include some event in your past that may have helped define your character a little. We advise against the YADP (yet another dead parents) bio, and come up with something original.

Once you have written up a biography (we recommend writing it on your local computer, then pasting it into the game), you can use the following commands to enter it in, then submit it for approval.

To edit your biography in the game:

@edit me.biography

You can get a list of commands available in the editor by typing 'look'. The most common commands are: say, list, print, del, and save.

If you want to copy and paste your biography in, use the 'enter' command to enter paste mode, then type a '.' (period) by itself on a line to exit paste mode. Be sure to 'print' to see how your pasted content looks before saving.

Once you have saved your new biography, you can exit the editor by typing one of quit, done, or pause.

Next try @bio me to see how it looks. If you are happy with it, send it for approval with @submit-bio. Note, once you have submitted the biography, you can't edit it anymore.

Nearly every biography comes back to the user the first time, so don't be discouraged if yours does too. The game administration is here to help you flesh out the biography to it matches the timeline of the game. If you do get it back, or if you want to make changes before submitting, start back with the @edit me.biography command.