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Getting Started

To really get started playing Phoenix Rising, you need to connect to the game and @request a character. Our game is located at telnet:// . Once there you can connect as a guest. Only then can you create a character to join in our adventure.

New Character

Setting up your character can seem like a daunting task at first, but if you take it one step at a time, it comes together quite fluidly. If you aren't familiar with Star Trek you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to knowing the species available, but the rest of it is basically determining who your character is and what its specialties are. There is also help available in the game for nearly everything (e.g. help Vulcan).

Every character gets a Character Sheet (@cs) that holds all their vital information. Yours will be mostly blank to start off with because you haven't filled it out yet. Some of the terms may not be familiar, but again help is only a few clicks away (e.g. help OCC). As you proceed through Character-Generation, that character sheet will fill in. Before you start though ask yourself a few questions: What kind of character do I want to play? What job/billet do I want? That second one may be tough because you don't know what is available. The best way to find out is to ask: =pub Hi, what billets are available? You can also try looking at the Phoenix roster to see what is available: @roster

To proceed with setting up your character, enter the first Character Generation room (cg). It is right off the first room you connected at, you can't miss it. Follow along each step, and progress at your own pace. If you run into trouble, or have questions: =pub Hi, can someone help me?


A billet, or job title, is what your character will be doing once it gets aboard the Phoenix. A full list of what is currently available can be attained through the @roster command in the game. There are typically positions available in every department, though some departments may be more occupied than others. New players also typically start in a bottom tier position, for example in the Science department that would be a Chemist, or Botanist, or in the Engineering Department, a Junior Systems Engineer.

You can get more detailed information about a specific billet with the @roster/info command in the game. For example:

@roster/info junior systems engineer

What department you choose should ultimately be up to you, and what you want to play. If you can't see a billet that you think should be there, propose it the administration (@request).


Everyone who plays the game starts at the same place. In OOC, that's just outside character generation, when you go @IC for the first time, you will find yourself somewhere on Spacedock, which is orbiting Earth. Spacedock however is obviously not the USS Phoenix where our game takes place. Before you can get there you need to get inducted into Starfleet. For that to happen, you need to have a biography.

Once your biography is approved, getting to the Phoenix should happen semi-automatically (a game administrator will use the subspace-transporter and transport you there). Once there, your crewmates will be able to help you further. It is also wise to seek out your department head (also available in the @roster).

OOC Commands

The following are some of the more common OOC commands available on the game. The list might not be exhaustive, but if you discover a command that should be here, please let the admin know (@bug).

crowds - A list of places where two or more people are gathered.
crowds+ - Space objects where more than two people are gathered.
ooc - proceed any out-of-character conversation with this command.
@ooc/@ic - transports you from the OOC world to the IC one.
@id <person> - provides some potentially useful information on the person.
@outfit [<outfit name>] - Lists your saved outfits, or changes you into one.
@save-outfit <name> - Saves your current wearing_msg to the outfit name.
@remove-outfit <name> - deletes the named outfit from your @outfit list.

Outfits allow you to save various .wearing_msg you have created. Typically only useful when you are /not/ wearing a uniform.

@cs - Displays your Character Sheet; all your stats
@ictime - What is the IC date.
@nominate <person> for <XP amount> [<reason>] - Nominate a fellow player for an XP reward. XP rewards should always be for IC activities. 
@nominations - List any XP nominations you may have received.