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The Qee are a humanoid being originating from an as yet undiscovered system in the Beta quadrant. Both males and females of the species average between 1.9 and 2.3 meters in height (6.5-7.5 feet). They are completely hairless with skin tones ranging from pale blues to soft pinks or purples. The males are typically bluer than the females. Their skulls are marginally bulbous compared to a Terran, an indication of their perceived, and possibly justified, superior intellect. Their technology is quite alien to anything previously discovered, and little is known about how it actually works.

The Qee, simply put, are an overly aggressive species with a superiority complex. They regard life other than their own to be inferior and beyond its ability to do work for the Qee, useless and highly expendable. The Qee are known to lay traps for unsuspecting ships that will bring a foreign vessel to the outskirts of Qee space. The Qee sometimes offer assistance, while other times they attack outright. The reason for the different approach may be familiarity to the species encountered. If the species is new, the Qee will want to learn where they came from, and possibly how to get more. The ultimate goal however is providing labour for the Qee slave labour force.

The main ship of the Qee line so far encountered is a Tridecahedron shaped craft. It is an elongated and somewhat irregularly distorted diamond shape, standing on the long axis. It has no visible extrusions of any kind, not even communication antennas. The hull is a dull silver in colour with a smooth surface. There are indications on the surface that some sections may open or retract to reveal something within; typical exterior panel pieces, versus a perfectly uniform exterior.

The Qee, both with their ships and an interplanetary transit system, use what has been described as a jump drive. The exact mechanics of the system have yet to be discovered, but matter is transmitted great distances in the blink of an eye.

As of Stardate 109600.66, a current map of known Qee space: Starmap-Season5-named.png