Gordon LePage

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Gordon LePage
Full Name: Gordon LePage
Nickname: "Bonk"
Species: Terran
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Gulf Coast Memorial Hospital, Greenwood, Texas, Earth
Birthdate: 6 FEB 2414
Empire: United Federation of Planets
Organization: Starfleet
Assignment: USS Buran NX-96400
Billet: Chief Engineer
Rank: Lieutenant

Gordon LePage is a Lieutenant in Starfleet, serving aboard the USS Buran NX-96400 as the Chief Engineer. Having graduated from the Academy via the Engineer's expedited course without a concentration in any specific engineering field, he's willing to take on just about any challenge once, though he's not shy to complain about any projects he's not terribly fond of.


A stout Terran man with a fair amount of chestnut brown hair, trimmed at the sides but longer on the top with the front being spiked up. A goatee of the same color, neatly trimmed to surround his mouth and a bit of his chin, crests his face. While not exactly thin, the weight he carries seems to be more muscle than not, his belly only slightly pudging.


Gordon LePage is a career engineer who is skilled in a variety of engineering tasks. LePage was born in the town of Greenwood, Texas, Earth to a family of two parents, Arnold and Jaqline LePage, and two siblings, one older brother Thomas and one younger sister, LeAnn.

His family is well known for being heavily involved in the United Earth Department of Agriculture with Arnold LePage having been apointed as the head of the Department. With, perhaps just a bit of nepotism, Jaqline was appointed to oversee the American sector and Thomas was given a job managing the distribution of harvests. LeAnn is currently attending university in Texas.

Through his time in compulsory education, LePage found himself with an aptitude for problem solving. Where many could stay stumped as to why a terminal was acting up, or why a teachers PADD failed to initialize before lessons, LePage had a special way of poking around in systems hed not had prior training in, perhaps if nothing else for the sheer fact that he didn't really care about breaking things.

This skill was further refined through his time working for the Greenwood school district as a high-school student, as he spent his free time repairing and upgrading various systems integrated into the schools network of devices. Wanting to apply these skills and receive further training to sharpen them, LePage began considering career options that would help him become an Engineer. Unfortunately, his interest in this trade and refusal to put his skills to work for the Department of Agriculture distanced Gordon from his family, save for LeAnn.

Attending quite a few career-fairs as hosted by several hiring agencies, LePage found that work as an Engineer was plentiful. For quite a few jobs, a degree was expected, though others would offer paid time at a trade school. Going with the option of a Trade School, which aligned with his own belief in practical skills over grades, LePage learned the ins and outs of various systems, both commercial and military, the latter of which allowed a path into the world of civilian contracting at Starfleet installations around Earth.

After four or so years of working as a seasonal contractor for Starfleet, LePage finally got the opportunity to take a job at the Utopia Planitia shipyard. Upon leaving Earth, his eyes opened to the joys of being off world and exploring a new frontier (new to him at least). In addition to sharpening his skills as an Engineer, he began to make connections with Starfleet brass, including the commander of Utopia Planetia, Admiral Hauser, after a certain incident involving the Admiral and a dinner party.

After only four months of working on the yards over Mars, LePage pulled on the connections he had made in his time as a contractor and sought out entry into the Academy through the Direct Commission program. LePage was able to secure a letter of recommendation from Admiral Hauser and was admitted to the Starfleet Engineers Track at Starfleet Academy, taking the shortened Direct Commission course thanks to his proven experience.

LePage would graduate with a commission as a Junior Lieutenant, proudly wearing his gold engineers uniform with pride. After hearing stories from the older personnel and teachers at the Academy of the Glory Days of Starfleet, LePage was inspired and imbued with the spirit of Starfleet old. Wanting to see the cutting edge of the galaxy and have a chance to put his skills into action in the real world as he saw it, LePage immediately gunned for the first ship posting he could secure.

Awards and Accolades

Legion Of Honour

Awarded on Stardate 119408.85

For excellence in performing their duties throughout an extended and unexpected mission in the Delta Quadrant, and for upholding the guiding principles that define the Federation and Starfleet.

Awarded concurrently with LCDR Coil, LCDR Anewan, LT(JG) Choma, LCDR T'Shaav, LT Ki'Vek, LT Temple and LCDR Sawyer

Meritorious Service Medal

Awarded on Stardate 121995.07

For devising and trying to execute a plan of escape after capture, thereby demonstrating initiative under advverse circumstances. And for retrieving valuable strategic information gained during the attempt.

Awarded concurrently with LCDR Coil and LT Worthington

Cochrane Medal of Excellence (Twice Awarded)

First Awarded on Stardate 119408.82

For excellence in performing his duties in multiple occasions during an extended and unexpected mission in the Delta Quadrant. His repeated efforts to ensure the proper functioning of key engineering components, including the Slipstream drive, as well as replacing the computer systems aboard the Ark.

Awarded again on Stardate 121104.57

For performing his duties as Damage Control Officer with precise acumen during the recent Humanist attacks on the Sol system.

Good Conduct Medal

Awarded on Stardate 123404.02

For three years of honourable and faithful service

Due to what is likely several administrative errors, the medal was awarded six years into LT LePage's Starfleet service, and was in fact misspelled on the physical medal's certified replication pattern, reading "Good Coduct Medal". It is unknown whether the declaration of the USS Pathfinder's crew as MIA had anything to do with such an error.

First Contact Ribbon

Awarded on Stardate 119408.74 to the USS Pathfinder NX-97500.

For first contact with multiple species while temporarily misplaced in the Delta Quadrant.

Preantares Commendation Ribbon

Awarded on Stardate 121104.56

For continued excellence in the roles assigned to him. LT LePage consistently puts his assigned duties at the forefront of his actions.

Unit Commendation Ribbon

Awarded on Stardate 121104.58 to the USS Phoenix NX-170100.

During the malicious attacks by a group of hostile humans on their own homeworld, the crew of USS Phoenix demonstrated great skill thwarting their attempts, while risking their own lives to save others.

Exploration Ribbon

Awarded on Stardate 119469.99 to the USS Pathfinder NX-97500.

While temporarily lost in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of USS Pathfinder took it upon themselves to explore the region of space, and in the process uncovered multiple scientific wonders. Their findings have brought renewed interest in deep space exploration to the Federation and Starfleet.

Medical Incidents

LePage is known to be particularly accident prone, having several entries in his medical record corresponding to minor injuries as a result along with some major injuries.

Minor Injuries

He once sustained cranial damage by coming to attention while under the wing of a fighter vessel after being addressed by the Squadron Commander Commander Shulon.

Despite having an anti-grav sled at his disposal, he once threw his back out attempting to lift a viewscreen onto the aforementioned sled because he wasn't aware that the sled had a tractor beam for loading purposes.

During a sparring session with T'Shaav, his spleen was burst by a particularly aggressive kick from the Vulcan. It was promptly removed by Doctor Sawyer.

Major Injuries/Ailments

Future USS Alita Incident

An incident during his time aboard the USS Pathfinder left LePage with some significant psychological shock trauma.

This happened after he and some other members of the marooned ship were transported to the future USS Alita via a Temporal Gateway. During his stay aboard the USS Alita, the ship was ultimately destroyed by Admiral Hauser's flagship after being rammed. This caused the ship to explode and all hands on it to be lost in the resulting fiery explosion.

Moments later LePage would awake outside the Temporal Gateway as though he had never stepped through, but the memories and feeling of being first burned alive and then subjected to the vacuum of space and succumbing to the void would stay with him for quite some time.