Nolan ch'Vyran

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Nolan ch'Vyran
Full Name: Nolan K. ch'Vyran
Species: Andorian/Terran Hyrbid
Gender: Chan
Birthplace: Calumet City, Illinois, Earth
Birthdate: 16 MAY 2417
Empire: United Federation of Planets
Organization: Starfleet
Assignment: USS Versailles NCC-94002
Billet: Chief Medical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Nolan ch'Vyran is a Lieutenant Junior Grade in Starfleet, serving aboard the USS Charles Tucker NCC-60450 as the Chief Medical Officer. He is an Andorian/Terran Hyrbid with a keen interest in medical practice as a way of honoring his mother.


A tall and cut Andorian/Human hybrid, evidenced by the jet black hair and notably short antannae, looking more than a tad out of place with his Andorian roots. His hands are of a nimble sort, but aren't without their scars, evidence of a hands on man. He's got a relatively sunny air about him, not usually without some form of a smile.


Born in Calumet City, Illinois, Nolan ch'Vyran is of Terran and Andorian heritage. He was raised with a traditionally Terran upbringing due to his father, Xyrat th'Vyran having left Andoria due to a less-than-honorable discharge from the Imperial Guard, something he's not terribly keen on bringing up. Instead, he's more than happy to talk about his family and the work he puts into keeping them well fed. He's not quite a typical Andorian, keeping a very mild and upbeat disposition which he finds smooths things over on Earth moreso than the typical Andorian grumpy mood. Due to being an offworld Andorian on Earth in a time of moderate Humanist influence which has only since gotten worse, he picked up the trade of Information Systems Maintenance, something which keeps him out of the public eye and unwanted trouble by working at night.

His mother, Tina ch'Vyran (nee Richardson), spent 30 years as a nurse in the regional trauma center before retiring when Nolan was 20 and served as the biggest inspiration to him to start his medical career in the service of others. He would spend five years working informally with his mother, absorbing the feel and flow of Emergency action and Medicine. Moreover, his biggest admiration was for his mother's compassion and bedside manner, which made her seem like a super hero in his eyes. She was, and still is, remarkably stubborn about her decision to marry Xyrat, despite pressure from her own family.

Through Xyrat's leaving Andoria and Tina's rocky relationship with her family, Nolan's family unit was uniquely compact. Thanks to that, the three are extremely close to one another and serve as emotional support to eachother. Nolan is constantly reminded that he's the pride of his parents and was constantly put first in all affairs of the household, something which resulted in a feeling of pressure but which pushed him to excel and exceed his parent's expectations.

Nolan's childhood was a mild one, but not without some controversy. Being an Andorian/Terran hybrid immediately made him stand out in any room he was in, and he wasn't blind to the Humanist influences which made themselves known to him in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways. This would only impress upon him the want to be of a higher moral standard, having seen the trouble his father occasionally recieved and the compassion his mother gave no matter who was on the table.

Seeking certification, but without the opportinites availed to some of his more Terran (more pure) counterparts, Nolan turned to Starfleet and signed on so that he could officially begin his schooling and career in Medicine. Working hard to overcome a mix of real and self-percieved gap between himself and his Terran contemporaries, Nolan commited himself to proving himself worthy of bearing the caduceus of Starfleet Medical and working on his fellow crewmates. This would result in Nolan graduating towards the top end of his class, through sheer hard work as well as a relentless determination to jump right into everything. After six years of the finest training at Starfleet Medical Academy, Nolan submitted himself for Fleetside work.

Notable Incidents

While completing the onboarding process to his position as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Versailles, the EMH was unable to identify ch'Vyran as either Andorian or Terran and assumed that the doctor was some large form of bacteria. The EMH promptly attempted to disinfect the sickbay, leading to a struggle until ch'Vyran was able deactivate the EMH once he was entered officially into the roster.