Chilis Shulon

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Chilis Shulon
Full Name: Chilis (Chill) Shulon
Species: Andorian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Laikan, Andoria
Birthdate: 24/03/2398
Empire: United Federation of Planets
Organization: Starfleet
Assignment: USS Phoenix NCC-170100-A
Billet: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Actor: Jeffrey Combs (pic)

Chill is the captain of the starship USS Phoenix, and has been since it was first commissioned in 2446. Prior to this posting he was the CAG and XO of USS Excelsior, though at the time, that vessel was also USS Phoenix, without the A. Most of his earlier career is redacted or listed as classified, during the years he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence.


Chilis Shulon stands at a little over two meters, including his antennae, for what self-respecting Andorian would not include their antennae in such a measurement. His skin tone is of a fair blue, slightly lighter than a typical Andorian, possibly an indication of some mixed Aenar heritage in his bloodline. At first glance he may look spindly, but his height adds to the illusion, for he is extremely well built, a solid and strong physique.


Chilis Shulon was born to a modest family in the capitol city of Laikan on Andoria in the Terran year 2398. He is an only child, though was never want for friends, for everyone found him funny and likeable. His childhood was unremarkable in that no one event shaped his formative years, it wasn't until he was in his mid-teens where he started to get into trouble. Chilis found his schooling boring and unchallenging, and often played the class clown to keep himself and those around him entertained, all except his teachers of course. He was constantly reprimanded for his behaviour, but it never disuaded him, nor did it effect his grades, which were always excellent.

Highschool graduation day however brought new challenges and new questions, things Chilis had never taken the time to think about. What do I do now? Where do I go? Staying at home was out of the question, life there was good, but far too boring, and he did not want to follow in his father's footsteps, a festeeb miner; tasty little creatures that burrow in the Andorian ice. He had often daydreamed of travelling the stars, discovering new places no one had ever been to before, but the thought of doing that alone was not a pleasant one. Was there a ship he could book passage on? Could he become crew? He had heard of agencies like Starfleet, but joining had never even crossed his mind.

Chilis started off on a Tellarite freighter, the XO was decent enough, but the Captain didn't much care for him. Chilis was also a smartass, and the Captain didn't appreciate his humour, especially at the Captain's expense. Regretably, Chilis made one too many jokes at the Captain's expense and woke up one day off the ship, stranded, on an Orion colony world. The Captain evidently drew some humour in leaving Chilis with people of a clashing skin tone.

Surviving in this colony added a whole new level of challenges, but being of quick wit, Chilis quickly learned what he needed to to survive. His quick wit also allowed him to avoid any runins with the law, not that there was much in the colony. Until one faithful day when he tried to 'borrow' something from a Starfleet Officer. Chilis had never met a Betazoid before, he had read about them, but having someone know his thoughts before he even acted on them put his pick-pocketing skills to a real test, and they failed miserably.

The Starfleet officer, a Commander Samuel P. Kemper, found it odd an Andorian boy was on this world of criminals, cutthroats and thieves, so asked him about it. Chilis shared his story and desire to explore the stars. Kemper had Chilis tested for aptitude, and quickly learned he would make a fine addition to Starfleet, if he could only curb his tomfoolery long enough to pay attention.

Chilis was reluctant at first, thinking more school, how much fun could that be? But, this education was different, it was challenging, nearly every day something new to learn. Chilis still found himself getting into trouble from time to time, never serious, and never formly charged with anything, but his knack for getting into places quietly and secretly, and acquiring things in a similar manner, did not go unnoticed.

Kemper kept an eye on Chilis' progress, checking in on him from time to time, encouraging him to pursue some course or another that tapped into Chilis' natural abilities. When graduation from the Academy finally came, Kemper put in a 'good' word for Chilis, and Chilis very quickly found himself assigned to Starfleet Intelligence. The work was dull in the beginning, doing someone else's paperwork, that sort of thing, but the stories he heard kept him interested. Interested long enough for the rest of this history to be classified...